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Soil Stabilization

From Wildcat Concrete Solutions

Are you in need of soil stabilization for your home or commercial property? At Wildcat Concrete Solutions, we specialize in testing and strengthening soil when it’s needed most. Contact our team of certified professionals to discuss your needs for soil stabilization today. Give us a call.

Depending on where you’re located and what type of soil is located in your area, you may be in need of soil stabilization. This is an important service that ensures the stability of the ground in which you might walk or build upon. Soil stabilization means you can gain peace of mind that you’re — quite literally — standing on solid ground.

Soil stabilization means studying the ground on which you’re building. Naturally, and often over time, soil can break down with the weight of a heavy structure upon it. This is common with soil that’s never been disturbed — or hasn’t recently been disturbed — as well as in many soil types. Depending on the type of soil in question, the size of the building, and more — your soil may break down due to weight or weathering.

When is Soil Stabilization Needed?

Soil stabilization is often called into play when new ground is being built upon. If there is “fresh” soil, it’s more likely to settle and adjust once the weight of a new structure is placed upon it. Soil stabilization may also be needed if there have been extreme weather events, such as excessive rainfall, which can cause erosion.

The more soil that has been eaten away, the more likely a building is to shift with the moving ground. Of course, this can lead to structural damages. By stabilizing the soil before this takes place, you can prevent any damage from happening in the first place.

Benefits of Soil Stabilization

There are many benefits to stabilizing your soil, including: 

  • Ensuring solid ground. There’s no need to worry if your structure will sway, crack, or break. Just solid building ground.
  • Eliminating future damage from rain or water flow. 
  • Creating a sturdier, safer structure. 

Letting our experts take a look at your building soil is a great first step in determining whether or not you need soil stabilization. We’ll be able to tell you how much weight an area can hold, what it will take to make the space safe, and more. By planning this important safety step from the very beginning, you can eliminate the need for emergency fixes down the road. 

Soil stabilization can be done for new builds, whether you’re planning a huge commercial property, or a small residential space. However, stabilization is often needed on older buildings too. If your structure has begun to sink, sway, or crack, give us a call. We can help evaluate if soil stabilization is needed, and how to plan your next steps for creating a solid standing ground.

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