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Concrete Lifting

HMI Foam from Wildcat Concrete Solutions

Do you have concrete that’s broken or sinking? Do you notice cracks and other imperfections? This is a common occurrence in driveways, sidewalks, and patios — where the ground is flat, shifting takes place in the earth below. For your concrete, that means breaking and bulging. It can be an unsightly side effect, but it can also be one that’s dangerous, causing folks to trip or misstep when gliding over sinking concrete.

If you’re suffering from concrete imperfections, let us help! At Wildcat Concrete Solutions, we can fix the problem at a fraction of the cost. With concrete lifting, we can re-level out your patio or driveway, and fix the issue from underneath. This comes at a fraction of the cost (and the effort) or more traditional methods of re-pouring the concrete. Keep your existing sidewalk and let us lift your concrete! Contact us today to learn more.

Why is Concrete Lifting Needed?

As frustrating as this may be, you aren’t alone. Cracking or sinking concrete is a common occurrence. As the ground shifts and moves, it causes concrete to crack or sink back into the earth. We use a powerful, proven material called HMI foam that lifts your concrete back to its previous position. 

HMI foam is fast, effective, and noninvasive. Avoid messy and time-consuming demolition. Opt for concrete lifting instead for fast and sturdy results. Concrete lifting is a preferred method of concrete repair due to:

  • Lack of demolition. No mess, and no loud, time-consuming methods taking over your yard. Just quick results.
  • Affordable — Why pay for a team to remove and rebuild your existing patio when it can be repaired? HMI foam comes at a fraction of the cost of recreating your concrete patio or driveway.
  • Streamlined look — Avoid the look of conflicting concrete colors or textures. Concrete changes its look with age, but with a lift, you can avoid all of the mismatching and keep your existing structure. 
  • Eco-friendly
  • FAST! After a lift, your structure can be used in mere minutes of being installed. Consider this option for minimal downtime with your concrete surface. 

Schedule Your Concrete Lift

Ready to have a level, lifted concrete surface of your own? Contact us today to learn more. Our team of experts is fully trained in installing FoamJection to your patio, sidewalk, or driveway surface.

Your foam lift will be ready in a fraction of the time, saving you money and stress along the way. Don’t suffer through a needless driveway replacement. Contact us at Wildcat Concrete Solutions and schedule your cement lift today.

Why Wildcat Concrete Solutions?

Our team is fully certified and trained in using FoamJection and concrete pouring services. We keep safety in mind at every turn, and it’s our job to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. Let us give you the level concrete surface you’ve been dreaming of, but without the big price tag you’ve been dreading.

Give our team of trained experts a call today to schedule a call about your concrete lift service.

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